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Grain Silo-Unique, purpose-designed and engineered, hermetic grain silo from our agriculture Product family. Its made from high quality, food-contact polymer which revolutionizes grain storage.

It increases the length of time grain can be stored while retaining its quality and colour.

Gran Silo’s air and water-tight seal depletes oxygen within it, Insects and storage pests within it die before they multiply and cause significant crop losses. This is a feature that helps it prevents increased infestation of pests from outside.


  • Store grain longer safely
  • Reduce post-harvest losses
  • No chemicals need be applied
  • User friendly, compact and can be kept indoors
  • Grain is loaded into, and o-loaded from, it with ease
  • 30 years’ expected lifespan indoors


  • smallholders
  • Homes
  • Churches
  • Schools and other institutions